Commercial General Liability Insurance

Here is a single policy Commercial general liability (CGL) Insurance which will protect your business from unforeseen liability risks. CGL Insurance is a form of comprehensive insurance that offers coverage in case of damage or injury caused by a business’s operations or products, or on its premises. The Legal defence costs are also paid within the policy insured limits.

Small and Medium size businesses are perpetually exposed to legal liability risks .

legal liability risks due to

a) Operations & Premises (For example, third party getting injured in the business premises)

b) Products (For example, bodily injury or a property damage of a customer upon using of the products)

c) Advertising (For example, some personal injury suit filed by a third party for copying their idea or advertisement)

Who needs to buy?

1. All Manufacturing companies which have plants and offices across places.

2. All Trading organisation who deals with selling and distribution of various products.

3. All companies who only market products but source it from other manufacturers.

4. Businesses having some operating offices.

Expect the unexpected. Insure and be secure.